The Best Homes are ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Homes

How It Works

Get the Confidence You Deserve with a ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Home

The Re New Certified Pre-Owned Home program gives Buyers a greater confidence in knowing that the home they love has already been inspected, corrected, certified and protected.

All at no additional cost to the Buyer.

When you buy one of our homes you will have the confidence of knowing that it has been professionally inspected, and that any necessary repairs performed as part of the program, were done by professional licensed contractors. Once complete we inspect the property and only then, certify it as a ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Home – which includes a 2-year, pre-paid, home warranty plan for the buyer. All at no additional cost to you, the buyer, and potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

The Re New Certified Pre-Owned Home program helps buyers reduce the fear of getting into a purchase contract only later to discover that there are major problems with home inspection results, which can lead to costly delays, and even maybe cancellation of the agreement entirely. It’s no wonder why ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Homes sell more quickly, with less hassle for all parties involved.

Make sure that the home you are purchasing is a ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Home.

How It Works for Buyers


1. Visit a ReNew CPO I See the benefits

Visit a ReNew Certified Pre-Owned Home and see for yourself the many benefits an inspected, corrected, and protected home has to offer.


2. Fall in Love I Open Escrow I Receive Home Inspection Report

Once you fall in love with the right home, have an accepted offer, and opened escrow, we will deliver the Home Inspection Report and the ReNew Certification Paperwork, along with your 2-year home warranty paperwork to review during your Due Diligence period.


3. Complete mortgage & due diligence requirements.

Complete any necessary due diligence, financing, or appraisal requirements.


4. Closing

Close on your Re New Certified Pre Owned Home.

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5. Receive Home Warranty

Receive the 2-year, pre-paid, home warranty, and enjoy your new home!

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